Subject Leader: Mrs E. Rivière-Price

Key Stage 5

GCE Advanced Level Sociology

Exam Board: OCR
Level: 3

Course Overview

Sociology is the study of society and looks at how everyday experiences shape our lives. In particular, students will study patterns of behaviour within social groups and the impact of class, gender, ethnicity and age on social relationships. The focus of the course will be the UK, but references witll be made to other cultures as well.

Unit 1-Introducing socialisation, culture and identity

  • Themes development through the topic of the media

Unit 2 – Research methods and researching social inequalities

  • Section A – introduction to range of methods, sources of data and factors influencing the design of sociological research
  • Section B – Understanding social inequalities

Unit 3 Globalisation and the digital world (to be taught in Year 2)

  • This unit has 3 options where one must be chosen:
  • Religion, Belief, Crime and Deviance

Assessment: 100% examination.

Curriculum Content

A Level Sociology (Year 1) - Y12

Term 1

  • Introduction to Sociological Theories

  • Research Methods: positivist approach, interpretivist approach, factors influencing the choice of research topic, the choice of research method 

  • Culture: concept of culture, norms and values, cultural diversity, cultural hybridity, popular and high culture

  • Socialisation: nature/nurture debate, primary socialisation (family)

Term 2

  • Research Methods: aim, hypothesis and research questions, sampling, questionnaires, interviews

  • Socialisation: secondary socialisation

  • Culture: consumer culture, global culture

  • Identity: gender identity, social class identity, age identity

Term 3

  • Research Methods: observations, secondary data: official and unofficial statistics, media products: content analysis, ethnography, mixed methods (triangulation/methodological pluralism)

  • Socialisation: social control (formal/informal)

  • Social Inequality: social class inequality, gender inequality

  • Identity: sexuality, age, disability, nationality

  • The Media: media representation: gender, ethnic, social class, age

Term 4

  • Social Inequality: age, ethnicity

  • The Media: theoretical views of media representation, direct effect theories, indirect effect theories

  • Consolidation of previous topics

Term 5

  • The Media: active audience
  • Consolidation, revision of previous topics

Term 6

  • Crime and Deviance: defining crimes and deviance, measuring crime, patterns and trends (age/gender)

  • Globalisation: definition, key concepts, Marxist perspective, Feminist perspective

  • Mock examination

A Level Sociology (Year 2) - Y13

Term 1

  • Social Inequality: gender inequality: feminist explanation, intersectionality, ethnic inequality

  • Crime and Deviance: defining crime and deviance, measuring crime, patterns and trends, globalisation and green crime

Term 2

  • Social Inequality: age inequality

  • Globalisation and Digital Communication: definition, key concepts, Marxist perspective, feminist perspective

  • Crime and Deviance: functionalist explanation, subcultural explanation, interactionist explanation

Term 3

  • Globalisation: postmodernist perspective, impact of digital communication, social groups, relationships

  • Crime and Deviance: Marxist explanation, neo-Marxist explanation, radical criminology, right-wing, left-realism, right-realism

Term 4

  • Crime and Deviance: feminist explanation, cultural criminology, white-collar crime, gender crime, age and crime, ethnicity and crime, left-wing solutions, right-wing solutions

  • Topic consolidation and revision

Term 5

  • Topic consolidation and revision for final examination


Useful Information

Out of School Learning (OSL) and Extra-Curricular Activities

A Level revision will take place lunch times and after school throughout the year.

Suggested Revision Guides and Books

Sociology A level for OCR book 1 Written by K.Roberts, P.Taylor, S. Brisbane, N. Ali, S. Chapman, J. Jacobs-Roth (Hodder Education)
Sociology student guide A level year 1, Researching and understanding inequalities written by S. Chapman (Hodder Education) 
Sociology A level for OCR book 2 Written by K.Roberts, P.Taylor, S. Brisbane, L. Pountney (Hodder Education)
OCR A level sociology: my revision notes written by S. Chapman (Hodder Education)