What is the purpose of homework?

At Westlands, we believe that the purpose of homework is to encourage the development of key skills and our RADAR values including those of resilience, achievement and aspiration. Homework provides our students with further opportunities, beyond the school day, to retain and develop their knowledge and skills.  

Why is homework important?

Homework provides opportunities for students to think, act and pursue their studies independently, while also improving their literacy and problem-solving skills. Although still supported by their teacher and resources, it allows students to take ownership of and develop a personal responsibility for learning.  Homework goes beyond just the task itself; it helps students take control of their workload and increase their time management skills. 

Research further suggests that homework has the most positive impact on student learning when: 

  • It involves practice or rehearsal of subject matter already taught.
  • It is done by the student to the best of their ability.
  • Students have a quiet, designated place at home to complete homework. 
  • Students develop a routine for completing homework. 
  • Teachers plan for homework as an integral part of student learning.  

Homework Timetable

How will homework be set?

Teachers will upload instructions, materials and reminders to Google Classroom, acting as an online digital homework diary for students, following the homework timetable. Where possible, digital platforms will be used to set a variety of homework tasks, which will be posted to Google Classroom.

KS3 Homework Timetable

English, Mathematics, Science and Reading will be set weekly with other subjects setting project work on a rota basis over the course of the academic year.  Grammar set classes for English, Mathematics, Science, Reading, History, Geography and French will be set weekly homework. Where suitable, homework will be set using digital platforms.

KS4 Homework Timetable

Homework at KS4 focuses upon the importance of self regulated learning and  retrieval practice.; the process of bringing our long-term memories to mind to ensure that learning “sticks''. At KS4, most subjects will use Seneca to set homework, while allowing for a variety of tasks to be set. All homework tasks will be posted to Google Classroom, following the homework timetable.

KS5 Homework 

Sixth form students are expected to have developed sufficient independent study and self-organisation skills to be able to manage their own workload. Homework will be subject dependent and vary between flipped learning, exam skills, retrieval practice and independent study.


Responsibility of Staff

Homework set by the teacher will be:

  • Clearly explained to pupils and set on Google Classroom, using digital platforms where possible.
  • Planned for as an integral and valued part of student learning.
  • Purposeful, realistic, meaningful and appropriately challenging for all students.
  • Provided with clear deadlines for completion at the time the homework is set. 
  • Return with feedback which is used to inform future learning activities.


Responsibility of Parents and Carers

Parents and carers are asked to:

  • Provide a designated homework area at home or to encourage students to complete homework at the Homework Hub in the library.
  • Using the homework timetable to help organise and keep a homework routine for your child and monitor the work your child is taking home.
  • Ask your child about his / her homework and the tasks that they are being asked to complete.
  • Advise the school if your child is not able to complete the work for deadlines due to external circumstances, before the due date.


Responsibility of students

Homework tasks will be available through Google Classroom.  Students therefore should make every effort to ensure that they:

  • Listen to the homework instructions in class and if needed, copy down the homework instructions where appropriate.
  • Follow the homework timetable.
  • Refer to Google Classroom for all subjects. 
  • Ensure that homework is completed and submitted by the deadline.
  • Attempt all work and give their best.
  • Use the help page on the school website with information on how to upload assignments if needed.
  • Inform teachers of any difficulties before the submission deadline.