Subject Leader: Mr Abel

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Key Stage 4

Level Two Vocational Award in engineering

Exam Board: Eduqas

Course Overview

The Eduqas Vocational Award in Engineering provides a practical, real-world approach to learning and developing specific knowledge and skills students need to work successfully in the engineering industry.

Pupils will study the following units:

  • Unit One – Manufacturing Engineering Products
  • Unit Two – Designing Engineering Products
  • Unit Three – Solving Engineering Problems

Assessment: 40% Exam, 60% Coursework

Key Stage 5

T Level in Design and Development for Engineering & Manufacturing

Exam Board: City and Guilds

Course Overview

The T Level Technical Qualification in Design and Development for Engineering and Manufacturing allows learners to gain an understanding of what is needed to work within the engineering industry.  Topics covered include customer and client requirements, principles of design, design processes and communication in design.  This course also includes a 315 hour (45 day) industry work placement

Assessment: Two written exams, One practical Exam & One Employer Set Project

Curriculum Content

Year 10 & 11

  • How do health and safety regulations protect employers, employees and consumers?
  • How do engineers plan for the production of a prototype?
  • How can engineering processes be used to manufacture components?
  • What techniques can be used to produce detailed engineering designs?
  • What techniques can be used to critically evaluate the quality of components or products?
  • What impact does advancements in engineering and technology have on industry, society and home life?
  • Why is it important to consider the ethical and environmental implications of a product or process?
  • What factors are considered when selecting a suitable material?
  • What techniques are used to present designs to clients?
  • What techniques can be used to solve engineering problems?

Key Stage 5 Curriculum Content

Year 12 & 13

  • Are engineers solely responsible for ensuring their products and processes are safe?
  • How can a design opportunity be identified and exploited successfully?
  • What factors can drive creative design and aid the problem solving process?
  • How are manufacturing operations combined to produce a complex prototype?
  • Why are prototyping and testing essential parts of evaluation?
  • How do engineers critically evaluate and select a suitable material?
  • What are the ethical responsibilities of an engineer? Do they solve or cause ethical issues?
  • What is the benefit of technologies in the modern world?
  • What makes a professional engineering presentation? Why do engineer’s need to be able to present?

Useful Information

Out of School Learning (OSL) and Extra-Curricular Activities

  • GCSE OSL runs every Friday after school from 3pm-4pm.
  • Design Technology Club C2, 3:05-4pm with Mr Godden and Mrs Clarke.
  • 3D Printing Club C7, 3:05-4pm with Mr Abel.

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