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Subject Leader: Mrs S Rowe

Key Stage 4

BTEC TECH Award in Performing Arts: Dance

Exam Board: Edexcel
Level: 1/2

Course Overview

Throughout the dance course pupils are given the opportunity to study a range of dance styles and understand the key features of being part of a performance company. The styles covered in this course will range from street dance, jazz and contemporary. Pupils will improve their overall production and preparation skills through the process of rehearsal and performing to an audience. Pupils will be internally and externally assessed across the duration of the course and will have many performance opportunities.
The course aims to provide an engaging and stimulating introduction to the world of performing arts and help with valuable skills needed for any chosen career in a fun and practical environment. Pupils work on a range of dance skills and work towards improving their overall technique.

  • Development of key skills that prove learners’ ability in performing arts, such as reproducing repertoire or responding to stimulus.

  • Process that underpins effective ways of working in the performing arts, such as development of ideas, rehearsal and performance.

  • Skills and techniques that are considered most important in the performing arts, including personal management and communication.

  • Knowledge that underpins effective use of skills, processes and development, such as roles, responsibilities, performance disciplines and styles.

Component 1: Exploring the Performing Arts. Learners will develop their understanding of the performing arts by examining practitioners’ work and the processes used to create performance. Pupils will need to produce a detailed portfolio as evidence. 30% of total marl.

Component 2: Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts. Learners will develop their performing arts skills and techniques through the reproduction of dance repertoire. Evidence will be through practical performance and written logbooks. 30% of the total mark.

Component 3: Performing to a Brief. Learners will be given the opportunity to work as part of a group to create a workshop performance in response to a given brief and stimulus. 40% of total mark.

Curriculum Content

Year 10 BTEC TECH Award

Term 1 to 6: Component 1.
Term 1 to 6: Component 2.

Year 11 BTEC TECH Award

Term 1 to 2: FinalisingComponent 1 and 2.
Term 3: Preparation for Component 3.
Term 4 to 6: Component 3.


Useful Information

Dance clubs

  • Year 7 and 8 Dance Fusion (Juniors) - Monday after school

  • Year 9 adn 10 Dance Fusion (Seniors) - Thursday after school

  • Year 10B BTEC catch up club - Tuesday Lunch

  • Year 10C BTEC catch up club - ThursdayLunch

  • Year 11 BTEC OSL - Wednesday lunch and after school (Invited sessions only)

Out of School Learning (OSL) and Extra-Curricular Activities

  • BTEC catch up sessions, school production, Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Dance Clubs.

  • Trips to see live performances.

  • Trip to take part in professional dance workshops (Move It exhibition and Pineapple dance studios)

  • Trip to Disneyland, Paris 

  • Dance workshops with professional dancer (Jasmine Vardimon Dance Company)

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