Subject Leader: Mr Abel

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Key Stage 4

Level 2 Vocational Award in Construction

Exam Board: Eduqas

Course Overview

The built environment sector is a very diverse sector covering an extremely wide range of occupations from handyman services to major infrastructure projects. According to the UK Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities (2007), the construction industry, including building services occupations, involves general and allied construction activities for buildings and civil engineering works. In addition to the erection of building and structures, these works also include repairing and renovating.2 The sector is expansive, comprising 10% of the UK economy. However, only a third of employers in the construction sector believe that there is a talent pool sufficient to meet the industry’s needs. This is despite construction being considered an increasingly attractive industry to young people, and despite there being more and more young people who are actively considering a career in construction. There are many employment opportunities in the construction industry and the demand for workers is not currently being met; in 2018, more than two fifths of employers said that they had tried to recruit skilled workers and of those, nearly half had difficulties filling the positions. The wide and diverse range of careers in construction include manual and professional occupations, and many require further education and training either through apprenticeships or further and higher education.

Unit 1 introduces learners to the built environment and provides them with the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding in identifying, explaining and evaluating different ideas and concepts of the built environment. Learners will explore a range of profession and trade roles, and some of the different structures and buildings of the built environment.

Unit 3 offers learners the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of three construction trade areas of the built environment, including planning, undertaking and evaluating construction tasks..

Assessment: 40% examination, 60% coursework

Curriculum Content

Year 10 & 11

●    What are the responsibilities of employers and employees according to health and safety regulations?
●    What information is required to carry out a construction project?
●    What techniques are used during a construction project?  
●    How can the quality & success of a construction project be evaluated?
●    How do trades people select suitable resources for a project?
●    Why is it important to consider the ethical and environmental implications of a project?
●    How can trades & roles combine to complete a project?


Useful Information

Suggested Revision Guides and Books:


Out of School Learning (OSL) and Extracurricular Activities:

●    GCSE OSL runs every Friday after school from 3pm-4pm.
●    Design Technology Club C2, 3:05-4pm with Mr Godden and Mrs Clarke.
●    3D Printing Club C7, 3:05-4pm with Mr Abel.