Communications at Westlands School

To communicate with parents and carers we use a number of systems all having different purposes.  Below is a summary of the systems we use and a brief description of what they are used for.

Systems for Parents

My Child at School 

This app is used to share information with parents about pupils’ progress and their timetable.


School Cloud

This is the booking system we use for Parents’ Evening.  It will also host any virtual Parents’ Evening events.


This is how we process any payments in school.  We aim to be a cashless school, so all payments are made through this app.

Google Classroom Notifications

This is where we post pupils’ lessons and where we post homework, you will receive a weekly email keeping you updated.

Email - Outlook and Gmail 

Messages and important information for parents will be emailed to them.


School Website

Key dates and important messages are also posted on our school website.


Systems for Pupils


Each pupil has their own school email account.


Student Portal

Students use this to view their timetable and see their progress information.


Google Classroom

This is where we post pupils’ lessons and where we post homework.  Pupils will be issued with login details in class.