Careers and Google Classroom

It is important that from Key Stage 3 onwards students have access to materials which will help them to understand the opportunities and choices that are available to them post 16 and 18 whether they be further education or employment options.

Knowing what you want to at any age can pose difficult decisions, but by accessing materials such as job profiles, qualification options and subject uses this can help to make that process clearer.

Students from all year groups at Westlands have access to the Careers Google Classroom. This academic year, through this medium, we have begun to publish careers information in a number of different ways:

Futures Friday

Each week, from Monday to Wednesday, pupils can join in our Futures Friday vote. They are given a choice between two job roles and can vote for the one they would most like to learn more about. The winning job is published each Friday with details about what the job entails, how to get there and any available labour market information. Each job profile also has links to lots of helpful websites and case studies to enable students to further research the career.

Awareness Weeks/ Days and National Events

Where relevant, job profiles are linked to various national or world awareness days and events. In February we published a different engineering job profile each day for National Engineering Week, in March we published a different science related job profile each day for British Science Week. Relevant profiles were also sent out for World Book day and World Maths Day and there’s lots more scheduled for the remainder of the academic year including Public Services Day and World Space Week.

Unbelievable Jobs

We have a series of fun and amazing job roles being published, such as Water slide Designer and Robot Coder, and whilst it may seem that these careers have their limits in terms of access and demand, by publishing them, not only does it add a little fun to the process of learning about career pathways, but they are aimed to inspire and encourage students to research their dream jobs. These particular two job profiles come with lots of links to useful websites about qualifications in engineering and software development, for example. 

Unusual Jobs

Again, this series is designed to add some fun to learning about career choices. Illustrate the possibilities and encourage students to widen their thought process. Although it’s unlikely that any student will wish to progress to the role of Dog Food Taster after completing their education, this role has links to food standards, quality control and food technologist jobs. The majority of students will not pursue a career as a Farrier, but this job profile has useful links to jobs in animal care and may encourage students interested in this field to start thinking about their possible pathways.

How I Got My First Job In…

This is a series of Q&A interviews with people working in different careers and how they got there. Again, there are plenty of links to websites providing advice about qualifications and career pathways. And this series aims to help students understand some of the realities, challenges and rewards of pursuing their dream job.

In Demand Jobs

COVID-19 has meant that the world of work is changing. This is a series of careers which, according to the Office For National Statistics will be in demand over the next 15 years, with lots of information about how to get there.


This series provides short Science and Technology news reports about new inventions, discoveries and recent developments in all varieties of science, technology, engineering and maths and then provides information about jobs roles related to that particular piece of news. For example, the NHS is testing a new miniature camera that patients can swallow, following this short article, students can find out about careers in biomedical engineering and clinical engineering.


Some fun career information about jobs related to Easter, Bonfire Night and Halloween are all in the pipeline and look out for ‘The 12 Jobs of Christmas’ at the end of term 2 in the new academic year.

Careers By Subject & Where Subjects Can Lead

In addition to these series of job profiles and careers information students will also be able to access careers by subject and for Year 9s options information about where each subject can take them.

National Careers Week

In addition to Job profiles, students have access to lots of information related to National Careers Week.

National Apprenticeship Week

Again, lots of information about apprenticeship options.

There’s lots going on and much more planned, Google Classroom provides the perfect opportunity to get as much career information out to students as possible. It is a medium which we have only begun to use this academic year, but as each piece of information gets published to students it is filed by topic and is beginning to build an ongoing library of information that students can access at any time, and they will find that this really picks up pace in terms 5 and 6.

Please encourage your young person to regularly access the Careers Google Classroom to explore the information available and take part in the Futures Friday voting. The classroom is updated with new information weekly and often on a daily basis and aims to inspire and encourage students to consider all their qualifications and career options for the future.