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Our Produce

On the Westlands School Farm, one of our aims is to educate our pupils about food and where it comes from.
In the modern world with pre-packed meat readily avaliable in the supermarkets it is easy to loose track of the reality of its origin. Pupils are able to experience the life cycle of our animals from birth, life, death to plate. This encourages them to think about their own morals and initiate ethical debates. We feel that it is essential to educate our pupils about where food comes from to allow them to learn the importance of animal welfare and the production of food in the UK.

You can read more about our farm, our values and our views in this article featured in Educatering Magazine. 

Farm Produce Booklet

We offer students and parents the opportunity to purchase delicious products from the Westlands School Farm. All of our products are offered at a cheaper rate than supermarkets. Any profits generated by sales of our products go straight to the Westlands School Farm. Please help support our Farm by taking a look at our booklet. 

To purchase items from the farm you can contact Oliver Howland, Farm Manager. Items can then be collected from the school Farm. 

Farm Produce Booklet Winter 2017