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Young Farmers Club

Welcome to the Young Farmers Club!

The Young Farmers Club takes place between 8AM and 5PM daily at the Westlands School Farm (located at the back of Newlands Playground). Any Westlands School student between the years of 7 and 13 are welcome to be part of our Young Farmers Club. 

Being a Young Farmer is a perfect opportunity to form friendships across all year groups whilst simoultaneously developing important life skills. It is also a safe and non-judgemental place to develop team building skills and improve confidence. You do not need to have previous experience with animals to join the Young Farmers Club!

Members develop their skills in a hands on environment and everyone shares the responsibility of caring for the animals. All of our young farmers are able to earn the opportunity to compete at livestock shows across the South East. During these events, the Westlands team goes up against other school farm clubs in tough competitions. One of our favourite events takes place at the Kent County Show.



What do pupils do daily on the farm?

  • Feed our animals the correct amount of food.
  • Provide our animals with fresh water.
  • Ensure the happiness of our animals is priority.
  • Check our animals for any injuries or health problems.
  • Clean out the animal housing and provide clean straw bedding.
  • Exercise the sheep, cattle and goats on daily walks.


What opportunities can Young Farmers experience?

  • Experience calving, lambing and eggs hatching. 
  • Experience the reality of farm life.
  • Up close experiences with farm animals.
  • Multiple agricultural shows throughout the year.
  • Kent County Show experiences.
  • Learn how to care for animals in a farm environment.
  • Crafting competitions.
  • Learn how to prepare and show our farm animals in competitions.
  • Multiple varied training days for all Young Farmers to develop their skills.
  • Meetings with other Young Farmers.
  • Fun activity days including bowling and rally days to meet with friends from other Young Farmer Clubs.

How does the Young Farmers Club help prepare pupils for life?

  • Experience in working as a team.
  • Support and comfort within a group environment.
  • Helps to develop problem solving skills.
  • Debating and conversational skill improvement.
  • Confidence building.
  • Development of independence skills.
  • Learn how commitment can lead to success!

Our Young Farmers visited the Kent County Show 2017! Take a look at some of our pictures here.