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About Westlands Farm

Our School Farm

Westlands School farm is a fully working non-profit farm. The farm is situated on the school site towards the back of Newlands playground and provides a rural dimension to our curriculum and extra curricula activities. Each year we raise prize winning cattle, pigs, sheep and chickens commercially. We also produce eggs and a variety of meat cuts that we sell at market and in our farm shop. The farm is a non-profit farm and the welfare of our animals is our absolute priority. All proceeds made from these sales are put straight back into supporting the farm and help keep it up and running. 

The school farm provides a lot to the school curriculum in a number of ways. Primarily, the farm is used to promote learning within the BTEC Animal Care course. Animal Care students are able experience hands-on learning along side their theoretical learning which allows them to apply their new skills within actual events and situations. As well as this, the farm strives to support a variety of different lessons and help to provide engaging and rewarding lessons. Both core subjects and 'options' subjects take advantage of what the farm has to offer on a regular basis.

It is a fact that animals can help reduce and relieve stress. In light of this, the school farm has been working with Headstart to provide a safe garden space for pupils to aid in their wellbeing and promote mindfulness. During the summer holidays a small section of the farm was fenced off with tables and benches placed underneath the trees to create a 'calm zone' so that students can sit with friends at lunchtime and relax alongside the animals. 

Farm Sponsors

 We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their continued support and help with keeping the farm up and running!


  • Mr Ian Machin of Summer Lees Farm – Hay, haylage and straw sales.

  • Burden Brothers BB4

  • Lady Dane Vets Faversham

  • Lost World Reptiles Teynham