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Homework is when an individual student is able to think, act and pursue their own studies without the same levels of support you receive from a teacher at school. Although still supported by their teacher and school resources, it allows students to take more control over their own learning.

Research in education has found that ‘students in self-regulated learning environments are more motivated to learn, report more enjoyment of the material and are more actively involved in their learning than those who study in more restrictive environments.’

There are many benefits to homework such as:

  • Improved academic performance.
  • Increased motivation and confidence.
  • Enabling teachers to provide differentiated tasks in order to support and challenge.

Homework tasks will be based on the learning that has taken place to review and consolidate knowledge, understanding and skills. It will also be used to fuel students’ natural curiosity and boost engagement in future lessons.

The library is available to support pupils with online access and viewing/downloading homework tasks.  EduLink One is also accessible to students via their mobile phone. Parents and carers can also access Edulink One, getting electronic copies of all homework that has been set, access to the teacher’s instructions and see what the due date is. A guide for using Edulink One is available here. Teachers, Learning Leaders and tutors can help students should any assistance be needed in locating and accessing homework.


Responsibility of Staff

It is the responsibility of teachers to set regular, worthwhile and appropriately differentiated homework. The work set is to be linked to what the students are learning, or to review skills and content that are beneficial to students in their future.

Homework set by the teacher will be:

  • Focused on tasks linked to the student’s learning journey and their completed homework will be regularly celebrated.
  • Clearly explained to pupils and set on EduLink One.
  • In line with the homework timetable published at the start of the academic year.


Responsibility of Parents and Carers

To avoid an uneven spread of work, we ask students to use the homework timetable below. Active support from parents and carers is encouraged and greatly welcomed.

Parents and carers are asked to:

  • Monitor the work your child is taking home.
  • Ensure your child has time to complete their homework.
  • Advise the school if your child is not able to complete the work for deadlines due to external circumstances.


Responsibility of Students

Homework is not just about students meeting expectations, it is about students reaching their full potential. Homework tasks will be available through EduLink One. Students should log in using the 6-digit figure and password they use at school.

 Students therefore should make every effort to ensure that they:

  • Regularly check EduLink One for set tasks and submit work by the deadline set.
  • Attempt all work and give their best.
  • Inform teachers of any difficulties before the submission deadlines.


Homework Timetable

All year groups at Westlands are set homework on a regular basis. Homework will be set according to the homework timetable.