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Subject Leader: Mrs E. Rivière-Price


Psychology GCSE

Exam Board: AQA
Level: 2

Course Overview

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of psychology, developing critical analysis, independent thinking and research skills.
The students sit two external examinations (each worth 50%) at the end of year 11. Both exams are 1 hour 45 minutes and are compiled from short and longer style exam questions.

Course Content

Paper 1: Cognition and Behaviour

  • Memory (What are the processes and structures of memory?)
  • Perception (How do we percieve? What factors affect our perception?)
  • Development (How does the brain develop? What are the effects of learning on development?)
  • Research Methods (What is the experimental method? What are ethics in psychology?)

Paper 2: Social Context and Behaviour

  • Social Influence (what is conformity? What is obedience?)
  • Language, Thought and Communication (How are human and animal communication different? What is non-verbal communication?)
  • The Brain and Neuropsychology (What is the brain like? What is neuropsychology?)
  • Psychological Problems (What is depression/addiction? What causes depression/addiction?)

Assessment: 100% Examination



Psychology A-Level

Exam Board: AQA
Level: 3

Course Overview

This course has been designed to provide a broad introduction to the scope and nature of psychology as a science, while including a large amount of topics from different psychological fields such as health psychology, biopsychology and developmental psychology.

The course is examined with students sitting three external examinations (each worth 33.3% of the A level) at the end of the second year. All exams are two hours and are compiled from short and longer style exam answers.

Course Content

Paper 1: Introductory Topics in Psychology

  • Social Influence (Why people obey or conform, why others resist social influence)
  • Memory (The two models of memory, why do we forget, factors affecting eye witness testimony)
  • Attachment (Why attachment is necessary for later relationship, cultural variations of attachment)
  • Psychopathology (Depression, phobia, OCD and their treatments)

Paper 2: Psychology in Context

  • Approaches in Psychology (Biological, behavioural, psychodynamic, cognitive, humanisitic)
  • Biopsychology (the nervous system)
  • Research Methods (How to conduct and design a research, different types of methods used, ethical issues)

Paper 3: Issues and Opinions in Psychology

  • Issues and Debates in Psychology (Is Psychology a science? Nature versus Nurture, Ethics)
  • One Topic selected from the following list: Relationships, Gender, Cognition and Development
  • One Topic selected from the following list: Schizophrenia, Eating Behaviours or Stress
  • One Topic selected from the following list: Agression, Forensic Psychology, Addiction


Useful Website Links

Simply Psychology

Suggested Revision Guides and Books

  • AQA GCSE psychology, second edition, Oxford university Press - ISBN: 978-0-19-841363-9
  • AQA A Level Psychology revision guide, Cara Flanagan, Dave Berry, Michael Griffin, Rob Liddle: AQA A - ISBN: 978-1908682406
  • AQA Psychology for GCSE: Revision guide C. Flanagan, D. Berry,R.Jones, M. Jones,  R. Liddle ,Illuminate Publishing - ISBN: 978-1-91-120806-8


Extra-Curricular Activities

Support is offered to the students during lunch and after school sessions.